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Where we WELCOME everyone, WORSHIP together and WITNESS to Jesus Christ.

Ministries & Committees

Revitalization Committee 

This committee was formed to keep our Holy Spirit Parish revitalized to accomplish our two primary aims; one is to encourage our parishioners to become a community of faith that is continually growing and using their gifts, and to be a loving and growing church that welcome’s all people new to our parish and faith community.

We meet monthly (even in the summer) to discuss, initiate and implement events and activities that support our parish mission of “Welcome, Worship, Witness”.  We are guided by the following three principles:

Welcome – We support our parish mission of “Welcome” by initiating welcoming events for every parish member and their families to fellowship to share faith and friendship. (Communal)

Worship – We support our parish mission of “Worship” by our desire to follow Jesus. We are grounded in the word of God and the teachings of the church. We are building an apostolic community. (Spiritual)

Witness- We support our parish mission of “Witness” to respond to God’s calls to reach out to people and groups within our world to provide support and assistance to, as possible, with our resources. (Outreach)

When do we meet?

We gather on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, after Mass at St. Mathews Worship Site. We occasionally meet at St. Rose Worship Site. We require a quorum of four members to hold a meeting.

We welcome guests and feedback. If anyone has an idea or issue that concerns our committee please contact Chairperson

How to Get Involved?

  • Do you have a passion to revitalize our parish in these changing times of the 21st century?
  • Are you OK with challenging the status quo?
  • Do you have ideas to get people involved, having fun and forming a community?

If this committee is of interest to you, please use the below “How to Get Involved” link and select Revitalization Committee in the form.We purposely keep the committee size low, therefore membership is by appointment only. Appointment terms are typically for two to three years and come open from time to time.

Buildings & Maintenance Committee 

This committee is the overseer, and provider of regular maintenance, of all properties under the care of Holy Spirit Parish on behalf of the Bishop of Saint John.  

Duties include:

  • They annually renew competitive bids for regular maintenance like lawn care, snow removal, and cleaning.   
  • They coordinate inspections to meet safety and building codes.  
  • They respond to “Emergency Response Calls” regarding plumbing, heating and electrical incidents. 
  • They recommend capital expenditures to the Finance Committee for improvements such as lighting upgrades, parking lot paving and roof replacement. 
  • They coordinate the decommissioning /disbursement of church buildings/assets when required.

This Committee is accountable to Father David and to the Finance Committee.  The yearly budget is limited by the contributions parishioners make to the Building Fund. 

How to Donate to the Buildings Fund?

If you would like to contribute to the Buildings & Maintenance fund.

Who to contact?

This committee is co-chaired by a member from St. Matthews Worship Site and a member from St. Rose Worship Site. Use the link below to contact both Chairpersons if there are areas of concern, or you have feedback about the properties of Holy Spirit Parish.

When they meet?

Monthly – Alternating between St. Rose and St. Matthew’s Worship Sites; both evening and daytime meetings.

We welcome guests.  If anyone has an idea or issue, they would like added to our agenda, please contact the committee chairpersons.

How to Get Involved?

Do like working in a collaborative environment? Are you OK with making decisions that often involve a large financial impact? Do you like to fix things? Do you have any skills of the trade (electrical, plumbing, carpentry, chain-saw, etc.)? If this committee is of interest to you, please use the link below and select Buildings & Maintenance Committee on the form.We purposely keep the committee size low, therefore membership is by appointment only. Appointment terms are typically for two to three years and come open from time to time.

Communications & Technology Committee

The Communication/Technology Committee was formed in 2023 for the purpose of helping all parish members regarding “how to best get the word out”.  Our goal is to add value to our communication processes and not become another “hoop to jump through” that adds little value.  (Example – if the current process works don’t change it.) 

Guiding Principles

  • We are a hands-on group and will assist all parish members and committees regarding what medium to use to promote their event or news.  We cover everything from Facebook & Website administration & maintenance, poster making, assistance with audio Visual Equipment, and updating the road-side sign at St. Matthews.  
  • We are an “always on” group.  We are constantly searching for inspirational faith messages and sources to share with our faith community.  
  • We are always seeking to expand our audience to reach everyone with the good news.  
  • We encourage parish members to take photos, write blogs, and use our social media mediums to share their stories and fellowship activities. 
  • We use existing content whenever possible such as links across platforms that contain all the user information.
  • We maintain a repository of electronic copies of any promotion material used for potential reuse.  

How to Contact Them?

Use the link below for Committee Chairperson and members contact information.

When do they meet?

We meet monthly at St. Matthews Workship Site and more often as required to meet deadlines.   

We welcome guests, if you would like to add an item to our agenda please contact our Committee Chairperson.  

How to Get Involved?

  • Do you like to write?
  • Do you like taking pictures?
  • Are you interested in graphic arts?
  • Do you use Social Media?
  • Do you have technical skills for Website updates and maintenance in WordPress?
  • Are you OK with collaborative decision making?

If this committee is of interest to you, please use the below link “How to Get Involved” and select Communications/Technology Committee on the form. Or come and find one of the committee members. We would love to have anyone join us that is interested in improving our communications.

Finance Committee

An active, well-formed Parish Finance Committee is a key element for promoting the financial health of a parish.

In the administration of secular goods of the parish, Canon 532 defines the role of the pastor as the authoritative representative of the parish. “The pastor represents the parish in all juridic affairs in accord with the norm of law; he is to see to it that the goods of the parish are administered in accord with the norms of canons 1281-1288.”

Canon 537 introduces the Parish Finance Committee as a mandated body having an advisory and consultative role with the pastor.

Each parish is to have a finance Committee which is regulated by universal law as well as by norms issued by the diocesan bishop; in this Committee the Christian faithful, selected according to the same norms, aid the pastor in the administration of parish goods with due regard for the prescription of canon 532.”

Every parish therefore is required to have a Parish Finance Committee, both by adherence to the Code of Canon Law and by local norms issued by the diocesan bishop.  

The Parish Finance Committee of Holy Spirit Parish is composed of members appointed by the Pastor. It is a consultative body composed of parishioners and is designed to advise the Pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. 

The Finance Committee is directed by the values of the Gospel in fulfilling its responsibilities, as well as by good business practices. Efficient and effective use and management of parish resources must be measured as much by their contribution to parish mission and ministry as by commonly accepted business standards.

For Chairperson’s contact information please use the following link.

Responsible Ministry

CWL – Catholic Women’s League

In the year 1944 the CWL Council at St. Rose was formed and was very active over the last eight decades. Sadly, the chapter closed in the spring of 2024. For more information on this council please use the link to the History of St. Rose of Lima. 

Looking to Get Involved?

While Holy Spirit no longer has an active CWL, you are always welcome at one of the other active churches within the Diocese. Follow up at:


Active parishes in Saint John area:


  • Holy Redeemer 
    • 316 Somerset Street, Saint John   506 653-6830               
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel 
    • Worship sites of Stella Maris, St Joseph’s, and St William’s 506 653-6960
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help  
  • St. Mark’s      
  • Sts. Joachim & Ann   

KOC – Knights of Columbus 

Holy Spirit Parish does not have its own KOC council however several of our parishioners belong to Our Lady of the Rosary Council 17984. 

The year 2020 saw Council 8094 Saint Rose Worship Site and Council 6770 of Our Lady of the Assumption begin the process of merging the two councils to form a new and larger Our Lady of the Rosary, Council 17984 on the 16th of May 2022.

The last number of years have been difficult on both Council 6770 and 8094 with members getting older and not many new young Catholic men coming forward to carry on the work.  The same can be said of Council 9176 of St. Matthews Worship Site who also closed their council in 2022.

With the coming together of the two Councils and men from 9176 a membership of 250 Catholic men are dedicated to the principles of charity, unity and fraternity through the KOC 17984.

If you are looking to become a Knight or you are a former Knight and want to get involved use this link  https://www.ourladyofassumptionnb.com/groups

Philip Armstrong, Director of recruiting at 506-721-4949 (call or text)

Facebook: Council 17984

If you want more information about Council 8094 and 9176 use this link to our history page.