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Our Bishop

Most Rev. Christian Riesbeck, CC




The following is taken from an exert from the Diocese of Saint John. “Following the announcement made by Pope Francis on January 7, 2014, Bishop Riesbeck was ordained to the episcopate on March 19 as Auxiliary Bishop of Ottawa.  He held the offices of Vicar General, Vicar for the National Language Parishes, Communities and Faithful, Moderator of the Curia, and Coordinator of English Pastoral Services.

Bishop Riesbeck was named Bishop of the Diocese of Saint John on October 15, 2019 and installed on December 9, 2019. He is the thirteenth bishop of the Diocese.

Holy Spirit Parish Worship Sites

Saint Rose of Lima Worship Site

541 Milford Rd.
Saint John, NB, E2M 4R5

Phone: 506- 653-6850 

Email: holyspiritparish@nb.aibn.com

Office Hours On Site at St. Rose:

Wednesday 9:00am-4:00pm

Mass Times:

Thursday 12:10pm

Saturday – 4:00pm

Sunday – 9:00am

Reconciliation/Confession 3:45 pm Saturday, before the 4:00pm Mass.

Religious Education, Sunday 10:15am – before the 11:00am Mass at St. Matthews Worship Site

Saint Matthews Worship Site

45 Dollard Drive
Saint John, NB, E2M 0H8

Phone: 506- 738-2320

Email: holyspiritparish@nb.aibn.com

Office Hours On Site at St. Matthews:

Tuesday & Thursday – 9:00am – 4:00pm

Mass Times:

Wednesday – 7:00pm

Sunday – 11:00am

Religious Education: 10:15am – before the 11:00am Mass

Our Parish

Since 1880, time has shaped the geographic area of Holy Spirit Parish. It includes many parts of West Saint John including Dominion Park, Randolf, Milford, Greendale, Quinton Heights, Westgate Park, Lorneville, Dipper Harbour, Lepreau.  Also, South Bay to Martinon, the Town of Grand-Bay Westfield, and as far as both Hoyt and Evandale. 

If you were to walk the entire circle of our parish’s geographical area the total distance is approximately 96 miles or 154.5 kilometers. The parish didn’t grow this big overnight. 


  • It started in 1880 when St. Rose of Lima was built and covered the area of what was called Lancaster and included parishioners as far as Lorneville and along the River Road (now Westfield Road).
  • In 1909 St. Brendan’s opened its doors for parishioners of the thriving little fishing village of Dipper Harbour.  
  • In 1926 St. Augustine’s was built in what was called the Village of Westfield. The parish geographic area included parishioners as far as South Bay, the Villages of Grand Bay & Westfield and those living along the Nerepis and St. John Rivers.
  • 1956 St. Ignatius Parish in Petersville was closed and St. Augustine’s parish grew to include the areas of Welsford, Wirral, Enniskillen and Hoyt.
  • In 1985 St. Augustine’s was at capacity and there was a great need for a second church, thus St. Matthews was built on the edge of the Saint John city line and the Town of Grand Bay.  This new parish was for parishioners as far as South Bay, and the growing Town of Grand Bay and parts of far west Saint John.
  • In 1986 St Brendan’s, still going strong with approximately 65 families, became a mission church of St Rose of Lima. 
  • In 2016 the last service was held at St. Brendan’s.  St. Rose’s parish grew to include parishioners as far as Dipper Harbour and Lepreau.
  • In 2018 with the creation of Holy Spirit Parish the parish geographic area included the parish of St. Augustine’s, the parish of St. Matthews and the parish of St. Rose.

Stations of the Cross – St. Matthews

In the summer of 2000, work began to build outdoor Stations of the Cross in the wooded area at the back of the church property.  This was a lifelong dream of parishioner Joe McAulay who oversaw the construction.  

Several parishioners got together and formed groups with each group owning a particular station. Throughout the area the volunteers planted greenery and installed a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a centre garden.  There is also a statue of St. Francis of Assisi in a wooded corner.

The official blessing was on Sept 16, 2001 by Rev. Fr. Brian Hansen.

Sadly, over the last 20+ years the Stations have been in need of repair.  The deer have eaten all of the greenery that was planted.  Every year more trees fall from the winter storms which creates a need for maintenance to remove the dead wood. 

What is required to keep Joe McAulay’s dream alive is for parish members to adopt a Station of the Cross with the intent of improving the site.  We need 14 groups.  Now that more is known about deer resistance plants, we can plant greenery that the deer hate. Removal of all brush and deadwood and chip it for use in the gardens.  Paint the crosses and fix the bases.   Add a few benches.  It should be a peaceful place to pray and worship.

If you would like to get involved in the restoration of the Stations of the Cross or help with yearly maintenance of the deadwood please use the link