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St. Augustine’s Memorial Garden

How we arrived here … 

  • St. Augustine’s church located in Grand Bay-Westfield was closed in 2018 when the three parishes of St. Augustine’s, St. Matthew’s, and St. Rose of Lima were merged to form Holy Spirit Parish.
  • In 2021 the building was demolished, with a plan to create a Memorial Garden in the footprint of St. Augustine’s church.  The project could not be started until a year had passed since demolition.  This was to allow the ground to sufficiently settle.
  • In the winter of  2023, four local landscaping companies were contacted to provide designs and quotes for the garden project. The chosen company is Lawrence Landscaping who provided a graphic design displayed below.

If you want to know more about the history of St. Augustine’s Church, this link will direct you to our history page.

Our Beautiful Garden Design

The diagram below is a graphic view of our Memorial Garden designed by Lawrence Landscaping.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • The design is in the form of a Celtic Cross with benches placed on each arm of the cross.
  • In the centre of the cross three boulders will be placed representing the Trinity. In the centre of the boulders a cross will be placed.
  • The boulders will be used to support plaques, such as an etching of St. Augustine’s, the history of the church, and a list of sponsors.
  • The chosen perennial plants will be deer resistant and attractive to pollinators.
  • The plants will be located in-and-around the boulders. 
  • The entire property will be surrounded by beautiful hedges, with maple trees lining the edge to the cemetery. 

It will be a warm, welcoming, and peaceful spot for one and all.

Aerial view of the property

Close-up view of the garden and proposed plants

Garden Fundraising

The cost of the garden required significant fundraising that will take place over a three-year period.  In the spring of 2023, we broke ground and planted maple trees on the edge of the driveway, a rose bush hedge along the back, and a barberry hedge lining the sidewalk.  The project completion date is in 2025.

The funding for this project will be from donations, grants, and fundraising events such as:

  • Parishioners’ contributions of which income tax receipts are supplied.
  • Parishioners were invited to sponsor a tree, a bench, or a boulder. In 2023 we received donations for all the maple trees and the benches; remaining are the three boulders. Each donor will be identified through plaques placed in the garden. This donation can be in memory of a family member, or a loved one or through spiritual generosity.
  • Sponsored community events such as the Family Fun Run & Fair and Fall Flavours Café, Grand Bay-Westfield Clean-Up, and a Quilt Raffle.  Thank you to all that participated and donated to these events that raised almost $5,000. 
  • We were successful with obtaining two community grants of $1,000 each from the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield, and from the Provincial Community Investment Fund a grant of $2,472.

Other fundraising ideas or suggestions will be sought out. 

Fundraising Events for 2024

Fundraising events will include a Talent Show at St. Matthews Worship Site May 25, 2024, and a Spring Quilt Raffle.  For other fundraising events check out our Events Page or the church bulletin.

How to Donate?

If you would like to contribute to the St. Augustine’s Memorial Garden project, please contact the parish office (holyspiritparish@nb.aibn.com).

Stewardship of the Garden – How to Get Involved?

A Garden Club is being formed to bring together anyone who has a love of gardening or would like to participate in any other way. Men, women, families, everyone and anyone is welcome!  

If you want to get involved, click on the link below and choose Memorial Garden or Garden Club on the form.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for fundraising, please contact: 

Jill Robillard – 506-639-0007,  jillrobillard5@gmail.com 

Patti Blake 506-609-1318,  pattiblake07@outlook.com