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Reflections from Fr. Jennings: We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone                 These are anxious times.  Our entire global community faces the...

Homily for the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This past week, I received a video on my cell phone: It was of my great niece Norah who 13 months...

Homily for the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Reading an article on the internet when a survey popped up for me to complete... 3-5 mins....

Reflection from Fr. Jennings: Jesus and the Wonder of the Kingdom

Jesus and the Wonder of the Kingdom                 The corona virus has impacted us in many ways...

Reflection from Fr. Jennings: Seeking, Discovering, Paying the Price

Seeking, Discovering, Paying the Price                 February 2 is sometimes referred to as...

Reflection from Fr. Jennings: Being Saints for Our World and Times

Being Saints for Our World and Times Saints are a valued part of our Catholic Church tradition. ...

Homily for the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

At bedtime, before I pray my night prayer, I pick up a novel or a good book and read a couple of...

Homily for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Last night I joined my youngest sister and niece for dinner in Saint John. I had not seen my niece...

Reflection from Fr. Jennings: Sowing & Reaping – What Are My Hopes?

Sowing & Reaping: What are My Hopes? I’m not a farmer. In fact, I would not even call myself a...

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