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St Augustine Church

  St. Augustine’s RC Church



St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church is a small, simple, gable-roofed church located on a landscaped lot on the upper end of Nerepis Road. The building features a circular amber glass window in the center of the front façade. The historic site consists of the church and its footprint.


The heritage value of the church lies in its role in the development and history of the summer community in the area. St. Augustine’s Church was erected in 1926 as a mission of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in nearby Saint John. Many Saint John families “summered” in the Grand Bay-Westfield area; the number from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was such that the establishment of a mission church was necessary, both to serve those who regularly attended in Saint John and the growing local congregation. The mission church, which was built to seat 200, opened seasonally after schools closed for summer vacation.

The building served as a mission church until 1949 when it became a separate parish. The congregation continues to be an active presence in the community, a testament to the spiritual meaning that the church has embodied for over 70 years.

The value of the building also resides in its simple Gothic Revival architecture, which has remained largely unaltered since its construction. Still apparent are the Gothic arch windows, the pointed parapet over the front entrance, and the returned eaves, all traditional elements of a rural Gothic Revival church.

Source: Grand Bay-Westfield Historic Places files – St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church