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We are pleased to present the 2018 Financial Highlights for Holy Spirit Parish (formerly St.
Rose, St. Matthew’s and St. Augustine’s) Our committee was active last year in performing our
due diligence duties regarding the stewardship and execution of financial matters in
consultation with Rev David Martin.
Activity Summary:

  • Consolidation of all accounts, investments…for all parishioners to view
  • St. Rose of Lima Worship site steeple was stabilized and painted
  • St. Rose Place and garage roof were repaired and shingled
  • St. Matthew’s Worship site back parking lot was upgraded and repaved
  • New signage for both worship sites was installed
  • Youth Minister position was created
  • J. K. Whittaker & Associates was hired to integrate the financial records of the three
    previous parishes due to the realignment process.

Yours in the Faith,

Robert (Bob) Gaudet
Finance Chair Holy Spirit Parish

Rev. David Martin, Roxanne Fairweather, Mike O’Brien, Bob Gaudet –Chair,  Paul Hebert,  Chris Thompson, Anita LeBlanc- Secretary,  Bernice Martin,  Phil Butler