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Benchmark Study: Unifying Mission

by | May 27, 2020

One of the most important elements emerging from our Benchmark Study is what’s called a UNIFYING MISSION.
This is Who We Are as a united parish. It’s what we believe about ourselves. It’s our Mission and our Message. It provides direction for each of us. It will be the lens through which we will make parish decisions.
The key to this is that it is simple. It’s one page. It represents who we are now – and who we want to become.
Here it is – for you to put in your heart, to question what it means for you, and it’s a prayer opportunity for each of us to discern how we put our faith into action.
There is much to share. Since the first week of May, we have been providing “bites” of information weekly as The Full Report is a lot to digest all at once!
Therefore, I am releasing the information in stages, culminating in the full report (entitled OUR STORY) being released in time for our Parish Feast Day May 30-31.
It is an honour to bring Our Unifying Mission to you in the image below.
There will be an opportunity to converse, in person. In the meantime, feel free to email: holyspiritparish@nb.aibn.com and please include the SUBJECT line: Mission
In Christ,
Father David

Text over an image of praying hands. Text reads: We are a Welcoming Community of growing disciples who share our faith, support one another, and lead others to Jesus Christ.