Religious Ed Registration 2023-2024

Holy Spirit Parish

Please note:

Classes will be conducted in multi-grade groups, depending on the numbers registered. We will be following a Family-centered program, with Parents, grandparents, or guardians welcomed and encouraged to attend classes and continue the program at home. There will be a dedicated Grade One class, for basic Faith Formation and more focus on the early prayers; and special rotating classes for the First Reconciliation and First Communion beginning in Grade 2. Confirmation classes will be conducted over an 18-month to 2-year format beginning in Grade 8, with a combination of in-person and online programs, and an element of parish and community service required to complete the program.

All in-person classes will be held at St Matthew’s Worship site, at 10 AM Sunday morning, finishing in time for 11 AM Mass. In the event of any situations arising that limit our use of the multifunction room downstairs, there will be home study packets available online, and notices on the Facebook page accessible through the Holy Spirit Education page, which you will be invited to join ( a valid email address is necessary). These packets can also be provided in the case of personal restrictions like illness, or for class days that have to be cancelled due to storms or school holidays.

If there are any personal situations that may interfere with attendance or participation (planned absence, personal situations, etc.) please contact the coordinator at Your concerns will always be dealt with confidentially.

Please remember that the “Sacramental years” (First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation) are important, they are not exclusive! It’s much easier to learn about our Faith by attending every year, and building knowledge of our Church, its history, rituals, and place in our lives, rather than trying to play catch up in just 3 short sessions! We welcome and encourage attendance every year, as we learn and discuss the basics of our Faith; the prayers, the rituals, the reasons for the “Church year”, its various seasons, and so much more!